A trip down memory lane, sort of…

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go to Massachusetts to Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester for a book signing event. What a great trip we had, although it was (as always with us) laden with so many emotions.


The book event? Just plain fun. Laughter, loved ones, and new friends — all together for an afternoon of joy.

After the event, we (my husband and I) went to our hotel, and passed the hospital where the first Anna Belle Rose had died. I have to admit, it hit me — the last time I’d been in that part of Worcester was on that night.

The next day, we went to West Brookfield to visit her grave, and those of my grandfather, cousin Michael, and my aunt and uncle. The pride and joy I feel about my writing career is something I so wish they are were still alive to experience with me — but planting flowers for them in the rain helped me feel like they were part of the experience.

Then we drove around the town, saw my grandparents house, familiar landmarks, stuck our toes in the lake. All the while, I kept talking about good memories — memories full of love, laughter, joy and fierce loyalty.

Now, as I reflect on the last few days, what a wonderful mix of old memories and new ones, all tied together by love.

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