Today in Farming

What a wonderful day we had today farming! We started with tilling all of the vegetable garden plots. Then we planted part of one of the plots with lettuce, pea pods, beets, spinach and radishes. After that, we had to put down the pathways, and fence it so the chickens and rabbits will stay out.

We moved on to building and filling the new asparagus bed, but not planting it yet — the soil is too cold still.

After all of that, we took some time to admire the hens taking a communal dust bath in one of the freshly tilled plots, then fed the alpacas — and noticed that they each had an alpaca shadow with them.

Finally, we came in and replanted Sam’s hot pepper plants (started from the seeds from the originals he gave to me five years ago) — how healthy and happy they look!

Phew — what a great day we had, now it’s time to sit and edit for a bit…


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