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It’s interesting that so many people ask me how much money I have made/earned in my writing career. As I have said before, for me it was never about making money off my writing — now,  don’t get me wrong, the royalty statements make me smile broadly, but it has always been about the stories and about the overall writing journey.

Having said this, I am pleased to announce that for the next three days, 2/13-2/15/2018, both That One Small Omission and The Phone Call will be free in e-book version. I hope that you will download my love stories in honor of Valentine’s Day — enjoy!

That One Small Omission

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Snow, Editing/Writing

Vermont was predicted to get a snow storm today, and an odd one at that — it wasn’t supposed to start until late morning, snow like crazy, and be over by around 9 tonight. The predicted snowfall was 8-12 inches.

Normally, a snow storm comes in slowly, meanders, and leaves, but not like a short lived huge dumping of snow. So when I woke up this morning, and the forecast was still the same as it had been last night, I really didn’t believe it was coming.

Then, late morning, the snow arrived with a vengeance. It has snowed so heavily that even the alpacas have chosen to just stay in the barn, cranky and irritating each other. Of course, them being in the barn all day means that cleaning the barn was more of a chore, but it’s done, they have a little extra grain to make up for the boredom, a thick, warm bed of hay to rest in, and a full hay feeder for later. The chickens just decided that after laying their eggs for the day, that they were going to go back up to roost — fluff their feathers out over their feet, and just settle in until it’s over. They didn’t even wander out to see what was newly added to the compost pile.

Now the chores are done, dinner is about to go in the oven, brownies are cooling on the counter waiting to be frosted, and the table is set. Finally, as the snow piles up outside, it’s time to edit More Than I Can Say, then once that is done, to spend some time writing on Book 4.

Wherever you are tonight, stay warm, dry and safe.

Guest Blogger — Angel Leya

Today I am thrilled to welcome guest blogger Angel Leya!



Hi, I’m Angel Leya, and I write clean young adult stories with (at least) a touch of magic and romance. My latest story is Running Toward Illumia, Astrea’s tale of finding herself while running from the one thing she wants most: To find her sense of belonging.

Astrea’s lived in the Mist all her life, and she loves it there. In fact, she’d do just about anything to feel like she fits in with her Rudan people, even hunt a unicorn to feed her starving tribe.

Illumia is the first city beyond the Mist, just past the Dragon Range. Astrea’s come up with 10 reasons to never go to Illumia. I’ll let her tell you more.


Top 10 Reasons NOT to Travel to Illumia

10. They don’t have fog.

Who needs sunshine? I’m a Mist girl. Great for concealing movement, comfortable like an old blanket, and you never have to worry about dry skin.

9. They don’t all have red hair.

That’s why this tribe is here, despite being sent to the fog to die. And why we call ourselves the Rudan, rather than the Banned.

Wish my hair was redder. And I could use a few more freckles. But I’m one of the Rudan, I swear. I’d be dead if I wasn’t.

8. They’re weak.

Fog weeds out the weak. And if the fog doesn’t, the Lynx, ogres, or Rudan will. Illumians live the easy life. They have no reason to be strong.

7. They’re not very welcoming.

The Rudan take in anyone who can survive the fog. Illumians kicked us out (or at least my parents, but children of the Banned are no less welcome).

6. Illumians are idiots.

Everyone says so.

5. Big government.

I know all five of my council members, and they earned their spot. Like Seneca, first huntress—my mentor. Illumians probably have no idea who runs their council.

4. The journey’s dangerous.

Even if you can navigate the fog, streams filled with flesh-eating fish, and ogre-infested swamps, there’s the dragon range. There’s one pass, guarded by Illumians. The rest is mountain. Treacherous, dragon-housing mountains. No other way around it. Going to Illumia is a fool’s errand.

3. My family’s not there.

If you think getting one person into Illumia is hard, try five. Two brothers, plus Mamaa and Pawpaw.

Course, the whole tribe’s basically family. I’d want to take them all.

Except maybe Mavin. He’s a jerk. (Kidding. Sort of.)

2. I can never come back.

Going to Illumia is a one-way trip. Illumians and dragons ensure that.

1. I don’t want to.

Do I need any other reason?


Thanks for reading! If you’d like more, click for an excerpt from Banned, Part 1 of Running Toward Illumia.

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