Snow, Editing/Writing

Vermont was predicted to get a snow storm today, and an odd one at that — it wasn’t supposed to start until late morning, snow like crazy, and be over by around 9 tonight. The predicted snowfall was 8-12 inches.

Normally, a snow storm comes in slowly, meanders, and leaves, but not like a short lived huge dumping of snow. So when I woke up this morning, and the forecast was still the same as it had been last night, I really didn’t believe it was coming.

Then, late morning, the snow arrived with a vengeance. It has snowed so heavily that even the alpacas have chosen to just stay in the barn, cranky and irritating each other. Of course, them being in the barn all day means that cleaning the barn was more of a chore, but it’s done, they have a little extra grain to make up for the boredom, a thick, warm bed of hay to rest in, and a full hay feeder for later. The chickens just decided that after laying their eggs for the day, that they were going to go back up to roost — fluff their feathers out over their feet, and just settle in until it’s over. They didn’t even wander out to see what was newly added to the compost pile.

Now the chores are done, dinner is about to go in the oven, brownies are cooling on the counter waiting to be frosted, and the table is set. Finally, as the snow piles up outside, it’s time to edit More Than I Can Say, then once that is done, to spend some time writing on Book 4.

Wherever you are tonight, stay warm, dry and safe.

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