Hurry Up and Wait, Again.

The weather in Vermont has been even more unsettled than usual. Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees and sunny out, today it is back in the 20s and everything that was mud yesterday is frozen again. The only up side to that is that the chickens are so happy to have the snow gone, they are out roaming all over the yard. When we had the windows open yesterday, you could hear them talking to each other as they looked for yummy tidbits.

After a couple weeks of keeping a pretty high-energy schedule going to make sure I had my editing on More Than I Can Say done in a timely fashion, now it has gone to the proofreader. Of all the parts of the writing/publishing process, this is the one I find the most challenging. After days of hurrying, now I have to wait until it comes back to me again, and then we start the painstaking process of looking at every single word and punctuation mark, spacing and section break. Patience is not one of my virtues, and waiting for it to come back makes me crazy with impatience.

Oh well, I guess all of this helps me learn to be more patient, and I certainly appreciate the time, effort and concern the proofreader shows!

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