Upcoming Events!

Wow, it is a BUSY time of year, and with my publishing journey, it’s even busier than normal. I wanted to let  you all know of some upcoming events/dates in case you are interested.

That One Small Omission will be offered free in e-book from 12/7-12/11 on amazon.com and solsticepublishing.com — it is my hope that a lot of readers will be interested in downloading and reading it!

The link to download it on Amazon (or buy it prior to 12/7 or after 12/11) is: That One Small Omission


Then, That One Small Omission will be the featured free download on December 9th the book advent calendar on the Books Go Social site at https://booksgosocial.com/ — if you click on the Santa on the right side of the screen, it will take you to the calendar. Lots of great books that can be downloaded for free or sale prices!

Finally, with great joy and excitement, my second novel, The Phone Call, will be released on December 12, 2017! The Phone Call has been rattling around in my head for a long time, decades really, and I am so proud that it will finally be out in the world.

phoone call 12 5 17.png

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