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Today I’m thrilled to welcome Lucy Andrews!

My first novel, Crater’s Edge, has just been published by Solstice Publishers on 7th November 2017.  I am delighted to be published, but still wonder how or why I chose to start my literary career with a science fiction novel rather than writing in another genre.

I like to read books that take me away from everyday life, so I had decided to set my story either in the past or future. In the end, I plumped for the future on a distant planet, reasoning that this would be easier than writing an historical novel which would require a lot of research.  I’m not so sure now.  Science fiction is about creating worlds that stretch the imagination.

I started the first chapter confidently, but then realized that I had to create every aspect of the colonial world that I was describing and make it sound plausible. I spent hours working out what would actually work in terms of the society that my characters lived in.  Then I tried to envisage what the buildings would look like.  What would the atmosphere be? Would there be only one sun? How long would a day be?  What would my characters wear or eat?  I also had to give some thought as to what I should call everyday objects and decided to use recognizable names for things so as not to confuse my readers.  I wanted my story to sound credible, not a fantastical screed which would only appeal to a narrow readership.

So far so good, but then I discovered that my characters had gone down a mine and were deep underground.  I don’t know how this happened.  It wasn’t intentional.  I didn’t want to let them stay there for too long, but I was in a fix as I know absolutely nothing about mining.  At this point, rather than give up, I started to really exercise my creative side.  This required sitting with pen and paper and drawing the machines; then figuring out how they would work. I had to decide on the dimensions of the machines, what sort of rock they would be cutting through, what the atmosphere deep underground would be.

I got my characters out of the mine, but the writing didn’t become easier as the mines had only been the start of the adventure.  From time to time, I had to stop writing to check up on all sorts of facts, some very minor, as well as to draw diagrams or pictures to make sure that the things I described hung together.  After the initial struggle to put my world together, writing the book became great fun.  Since publication, at least two of my friends have asked me how I know so much about mining!

I’ve now started writing a sequel which is proving to be as much fun to write as the first.  This time I’ll keep out of the mines though!

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