That One Small Omission — getting ready for a kindle sale price!

My first published novel entitled That One Small Omission was published in October 2017 by Solstice Publishing in both e-book and print versions. I am so proud to finally have it published!

The “blurb” for That One Small Omission says, “Maggie Erickson-O’Brien always played it safe, always. That is, right up to the moment when she met the man of her dreams while on a work trip. A one-night stand led to dreams of forever, right up to the moment when until she realized they could never have a future together. Months later, fate thrusts them together again, and her dream man has to decide if her one small omission will doom their relationship. Can forever still happen?”

My second novel, The Phone Call, is in final proofreading before it is published by Solstice. In anticipation of the release of that novel, the kindle price on That One Small Omission is being lowered from $2.99 to $0.99 from Tuesday, November 21st through Monday, November 27th. It can be purchased here: Kindle Version of That One Small Omission — thanks for your support!


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