Time to stop and look for a moment…

Lately, between the end of the growing season, which means lots of garden clean-up, and some extended family health issues, we’ve felt like we have been constantly at a full out run. Each morning we get up earlier and earlier, with the idea that today we will finally get caught up, and by the end of the day, the list is longer than when we started the day. Add in trying to also keep writing, keep proofreading, remember the importance of our interpersonal relationships, and work at our incredible but demanding day jobs, and it’s been a trying time for us all.

But this afternoon, as I stepped out of a meeting and tried to find my car keys, I took a moment to look to the west toward Lake Champlain. The natural beauty took my breath away, and I stood and stared, and let myself just stop for a moment. That brief few moments did more for my soul than I can express, and as I got back into the car, I felt more settled than I have in the last few weeks.

So now I am settled in at the laptop, ready to write for a while while my trusty proofreader reads nearby, and I am full of vigor and joy in the process again.

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