The writing process, or at least MY writing process —

People ask me all the time how I come up with ideas for my stories. I can’t really explain it, it is like they suddenly show up in my head, and I start writing. Often I start mid-story, or even at the end, and then the other parts slowly come together.

I write on a computer or tablet, because I type faster than I can write by hand. When I have a draft completed, I print it out and go at it with brightly colored fine-tipped felt pens — never red, usually pink or green or purple. When that editing is done, I input the changes, and do it all over again. Some stories get set aside for long periods of time, but always come back around.

Right now, we are proofreading The Phone Call, and I am also editing More Than I Can Say, and writing book 4. Having so many projects in different stages keeps the process fresh and interesting.

While I finish the proofreading, I made  new collage teaser that I wanted to share here:



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