Winter is coming to Vermont

Today was the first day this fall with a serious frost. The grass had a white sheen, and all outside surfaces sparkled in the sunlight. As I drove north this morning, a beautiful red fox was running through a field, and I slowed down to watch him for just a moment.

Now is the time for us to take care of all of the pre-winter tasks, such as cleaning the garden, making sure we have enough kindling for the woodstove, harvesting the last vegetables, and winterizing the beehives. Each day we cross a few more tasks off the list, and we know that soon we will be in full winter.

Each night, we work on teasers, writing and editing. I think that once the weather is a bit colder, and we have fewer duties outdoors, we will have even more time for those pursuits.

A couple new teasers:


We should have our release date for The Phone Call soon, but until then, That One Small Omission is available on Amazon and Solstice Publishing, and now also is available through Amazon in the United Kingdom. The links are below.

That One Small Omission on Amazon

That One Small Omission on Solstice Publishing

That One Small Omission — available in the UK



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