Fun with Book Teasers

As you know, I’ve been learning about book teasers since I started on this publication journey. I’ve learned about why book teasers are important, then learned about how to make them. I’ve relied heavily on other published authors for their recommendations of photo-editing programs, read blogs and discussions about fonts, colors, effects, and a myriad of other topics. I’ve read commentary on whether or not to include photos of people, or just images that represent parts of the stories.

So, in all (to date) I’ve made approximately fourteen teasers that I like. Some I really like, some I think are okay, but aren’t quite as exciting as I’d like. When I finish one I really like, I post it to either my author Facebook page Anna Belle’s FB, or to my author twitter account Anna Belle’s Twitter as a way to share news of my novels and to get feedback.

Here are some of my favorite teasers for That One Small Omission so far:

And some of my favorites for The Phone Call:

The publishing journey is such a fascinating one, and I am so thankful to be on this journey!

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