Today’s Rainbow

This morning, as every morning, I walked the dog around 6 a.m. We live in a very rural area, and at that time of the morning, our dirt road is completely quiet. Lately, we have seen at least four wild rabbits every morning, one of which sits in the same spot by our rose bush daily. Some mornings we also see a few deer. When our dog was young, he would have gone crazy trying to get at the animals, now, he just looks at them pensively, clearly comfortable with them sharing his space.

Our area of Vermont struggles with mosquito control, and today, the mosquitoes were worse than they have been lately, especially as we got to sections on our road where lawn gives way to brush. As the dog took longer than usual to do what he needed to do, I was getting bitten by mosquitoes, which made me cranky.

Coming back down our driveway, I looked to the west, and there was the most beautiful rainbow cutting across the sky. The morning was clear and sunny, no rain around at all. We stood in the driveway for quite a while admiring it, or at least I did, the dog may have just been enjoying the cool grass under his belly. I don’t know how the rainbow appeared there today, but regardless, it made me completely forget my mosquito bites.

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